Falling in Love

I’m falling in love.

Over time I have had many young women come to me with this confession. They smile and their expression grows distant. Just the thought of a special young man in their lives quickens their heartbeat. They seek advice, only to do what they think is best. Their greatest desire is to please “him.”

Though the heady feelings of rapture felt by a man and woman are very strong for a time, I cannot help but think that love is very different. Throughout my life I have witnessed love stories. Many failed before they were properly begun. Yet there are those who continue to this very day. From what I have seen, love is not something you can accidentally fall into.

It’s more of a walk. It starts out easily enough. A man and woman cross paths. Tentatively they begin walking together. Soon it is apparent that both desire to share the path. And they keep walking. A sense of camaraderie develops over time. The walk isn’t difficult. People come and go, walking with the two for a time and then leaving. Sunshine and warm summer winds bring pleasure to the walk.

But a time comes when they have to choose. Every time the path splits they face a decision. Keep walking together, or go their separate ways. True love is displayed when they continue to stay together.

This is often when the falling starts to happen. Though the walk started easily enough weather changes, the path grows difficult, and other travelers are not always friendly. When one stumbles, the other is there to catch them.

Sometimes when one falls, the other misses. At others, both may fall. Hills rise into mountains and fall into deep slopes. If they do not work together, they often are the cause of the others downfall. Yet true love is when they help each other up and keep walking. It hurts. When the walk becomes a climb it slows to a crawl. Darkness falls, threatening to overcome love with fear.

True love lasts long after feelings fade away. It keeps holding on. It continues to walk forward. It is a blessing to witness traveler’s who have walked, crawled, climbed, fallen and continued. They reflect agape, not eros. Given opportunity, I would much rather walk with love.


3 thoughts on “Falling in Love

    1. Thank you! I mostly take what I see in scripture, and have witnessed in my parent’s marriage and write about that whenever I’m thinking of love. 🙂 You are welcome, your blog has a lot of handy tips! Thanks for sharing them.

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