In Everything Give Thanks

I was planning on writing this lovely blog post about one of my favorite bible characters…I’ve been working on this post for weeks now in my spare time, but I just haven’t been satisfied with it. Life interrupted, and chaos has been a constant environment within the Eliyahu household.

I haven’t really had time for anything. My stories are behind, my English homework (which also happens to be a story. I never ever expected to be behind in that subject) is lagging behind my fellow students, bible homework has been slowing down…if time is a form of currency than I am broke and thieving time that I do not have to write this blog post.

So if I’m that busy, why would I be writing a blog post?

Chaos and a decided lack of time hasn’t been the only recurring theme around here. It’s been poking at me in bible study, bible homework, youth group, sunday school, sermons and basically every time I’ve opened a bible the past few weeks. Give thanks. Obey God’s will with a cheerful heart and a glad mind. Rejoice evermore.

And you know, my lack of time may not be so drastic as I thought. I’ve been overwhelmed and rightly so. I’ve got more on my plate than I’ve ever had before. But as my father so frequently reminds me I’m not the busiest person on the planet. (I mean, I am currently procrastinating  er, blogging…) Last week I reorganized my schedule and realized I still play with my friends and sometimes I even watch tv. Today for instance, my time at home was spent baking instead of doing schoolwork…(But if anyone asks, it’s home ec class. 🙂 Mom approved! Homeschooling rocks.)

So I may have a few extra tasks in my life. Extra schoolwork, more time driving people around, running errands and doing all manner of insanity. I may even have problems that are frustrating to anyone, like people who don’t know how to communicate and moments where I’m the only one who can fix a problem caused by failure to plan ahead. We ALL have those problems!

The thing is, I’m also not the best planner. And I have more time than I thought. So I am going to take my bad attitude, shove it in a closet with all my reject characters and start listening to what God has very gently been pointing out to me. Before very gently becomes smacking me upside the head for my stupidity.

I have a lot to be  thankful for. And God has given me so much, I can’t even begin to list off what’s happened in my life because of Him.

Clearly I needed a reminder of God’s grace, and His blessings. So to help remember, I am going to combine an old family tradition with some new ideas that I was given in youth group. Every day that leads to thanksgiving day, I am going to write a blog post on what I am thankful for that day. It’s going to be very informal, and there will be little if any editing. I want to draw attention to what God has given me, even if I don’t do so eloquently or with precision.

It’s not about being a good writer, a good student, or a good anything right now. I have a relationship with God, who is good. That’s all I need.


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