This Is Why

I am a writer. Why?

I get to be a kid and a grown up…simultaneously. My stories can be filled with fantasies and flights of fancy that weave adult problems and serious topics through them.


With words I can provide a beautiful little world for children. A place of escape. A place that prepares them for the real world. I can challenge peoples minds and provoke thought. Treasure, food, rest, encouragement, beauty…all of this can be placed between two bound pieces of paper.


I have been given a chance to heal the broken. Answer questions. Share the knowledge that has been bequeathed to me. When a youngling reaches that valley between childhood and adulthood I want to find the words that may be their guide. In those times when courage is lacking and darkness has come if I can share light, then I must share it. This is the time to be a hero. To share wonderful new adventures. To mature and learn. Life is not as difficult as it seems, I am to remind them of the One who gives them strength.

Empty pages

When men and women have grown they have not finished learning. This society pushes us to do everything we possibly can in a single day. Spending a rare moment to enjoy…anything….should not be rare at all. But if that is spent on a story, I hope to share something that is worth every second. Perhaps my words can provide a new perspective. Adults need rest too, and encouragement can be given by anyone. If my stories can bring back fond memories of childhood games, provoke thought and encourage the weary then I am blessed.


I do not write alone. God has given me a gift. Through His guidance, stories are crafted with prayer and help. The worlds that I serve as a scribe to were given to me. They are Eliyahu….Belonging to God. As am I.

Sharing stories gives me joy. Maybe God will use that for lots of people. Maybe it’s just for that one person who really needs it. I have no idea. I couldn’t ask for more.


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