In many ways I am the oddball of the family. We all have our quirks and I believe we have a larger share of quirks than most families. Yet I seem to have acquired an ailment that is peculiar only to myself.

I am a morning person.

Granted, there are members of my family who wake up long before me. They arise before dawn, slowly sip their coffee and do their bible studies, enjoying some peace and quiet before the day comes crashing in on them.

Most of the crashing is done by me. Cheerful, happy, wide awake, loud, obnoxious, talkative me. Oh yea. All of this is done with zero caffeine. I bounce out of bed and go through my morning routine with eyes wide open. The time I spend downstairs getting ready for the day is the twenty minute warning to the early risers that anything involving silence is about to end. About an hour after that my youngest siblings rue the day that my parents gave me a flute and paid for lessons. They don’t really appreciate that I am the coolest alarm clock they will ever have. I suppose they prefer one with a snooze button. 🙂

When I’m not daydreaming I can apply this energy to my entire day. Stuff gets done at hyper-speed and my ability to focus ensures that every subject on my shelf gets done along with my stories, chores, katas and blog. I usually have time to play with my siblings or friends somewhere in there as well.

The past few weeks have been nothing like that. I actually feel tired . It’s a weird feeling for me. Lots of things are going on right now. I’ve had several days where I wish I could just live in my bubble of schoolwork and writing so that I can focus on graduating. God has other plans for me right now. I’ve been given opportunities to help my family. My schedule may have been busy, but its more important that I serve those who need my time more than I do.

I have been taking this new list of tasks, and this new feeling of being tired and using it as an excuse. Not much progress is being made. That’s on me. It seems like the less time I have, the more I waste. I stay up later, struggle to wake up on time and the entire day slips away in five minute increments of distraction. This needs to stop.

Despite feeling tired, I actually have just enough energy to accomplish everything I have to do. I may not be bouncing off the walls, but I am never so exhausted that I can’t function. I thank God for making me an energetic person, and for giving me the energy I need to make it through every day.

So tomorrow, I start anew. The day belongs to the Lord. He knows what shall pass, and He knows my to-do list. I have faith that He will provide the time and energy for me to finish everything that needs done. Also, that He will grant me the wisdom to know what absolutely needs done and what can wait for another day.

But for now, I should go to sleep before everything turns funny. (The quirks of a sleep deprived Yael.) Besides, my tea cup is empty. Fare thee well mine audience! I bid you,



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