Conflict with Word Barf

Alright, so it’s gonna be a quicky as I’m behind in my nanowrimo goal. But I did promise to write about what I’m thankful for until thanksgiving, to hold myself accountable and change my attitude….so here we are.

  1. Nanowrimo has begun!! I am very thankful for nanowrimo. The little chart and green progress bar are huge motivators for me. I had forgotten how pleasant it was to sit and write.
  2. My fantasy series is planned. I am going to write four books, all of which are happily titled with their main themes organized. I’m really excited to finish this series, I’ve been working on it since I was twelve. Hopefully this will be the year when all of the rough drafts get typed up. 1 down, 3 1/2 to go!
  3. I’m really thankful for my siblings. They say the funniest things, which inspire new characters and dialogues. Even when I’m behind schedule, spending a bit of time with them is more important than any story. They are the best. 🙂
  4. A heart. Namely, that of a deer. Dissection is really cool. Just sayin.
  5. Arguments and fellow writers. As I try to organize my thoughts I tend to “word barf” all over a messy document dedicated to my scrambled thoughts. And sometimes my writer buddies help my cat “write his thoughts too”…..not sure if I’m annoyed or just thankful to have some great writer buddies. (And a really adorable cat, who acts retarded….no doubt about it, I’m blessed to have him.)
  6. My story has conflict. It’s fantastic. I know exactly where the characters main conflicts will be for the entire series.
  7. Comic relief. I see it in my family, my friends, my own klutziness, and my pets. God has a sense of humor, and it’s an honor that He shares it. I wish I could make people laugh as much as they make me smile and laugh.

So this was my day. And this is just a bit of the chaotic, unedited me. It’s even messier during nanowrimo, but in reality I’m not very eloquent or well spoken. The Lord shows meaning through the tiniest acts around me. I can’t really describe how wonderful that is. I hope that in the mess of life, you were able to find something to be thankful for as well. If you’re brave, it would be really neat to hear about your own adventures. 🙂