Eliyahu – Belonging to God

My name is Yael Eliyahu. Eliyahu means belonging to God. I pray that every aspect of my life reflects the One I belong to. My desire is to know and share the truth with everyone I meet. Sometimes I argue more than I should, and sometimes I ramble on longer than is necessary. It’s alright if you can prove me wrong, so long as you are able to back up your case with information, logic and a good attitude. Often my blog posts are a result of arguments or discussions with others, so research your refutation carefully before publishing them on the world wide web.

When I am not arguing blogging I usually spend my time writing a variety of fiction. I am a fantasy writer by trade, but thanks to my younger siblings demand for interesting stories I find myself dabbling in children’s fiction, sci-fi, dystopian and steampunk fairytales (all with a tiny hint of fantasy). Keep reading my blog (or my books! When my fairy tale comes true anyway….) and you will find that I do not think like most teens, girls, nerds or any of the other categories I may fall into. That or I just haven’t met the rest of the theology loving-fantasy writing-blogger-greek enthusiast-curiosities in the world. Oh yea. They wouldn’t be curiosities if they were common, would they?

Sarcasm aside, my goal is to glorify God in all I do. I never accomplish that goal with perfection, but He loves me anyway.

Let also my name perish, if only the name of God the Father…is thereby elevated – Johannes Kepler


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